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Idoly Pride English APK: Experience the Original Story and Music of the Anime Series on Your Phone

Idoly Pride English APK: How to Download and Play the Idol Training Game

If you are a fan of idol anime and games, you might have heard of Idoly Pride, a new idol training game that is based on an original anime series. In this game, you can become an agent for a group of aspiring idols and help them achieve their dreams of stardom. You can also enjoy the original story, the 3D graphics, the music, and the voice acting of the game. But how can you download and play Idoly Pride in English? In this article, we will show you how to get Idoly Pride English APK and how to play the game on your Android device.

What is Idoly Pride?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Idoly Pride is an idol training game that was released in Japan in January 2021 by NEOWIZ, a Korean game developer. The game is a part of a multimedia project that includes an anime series, a manga, a novel, and a radio show. The game features 10 different idol groups, each with their own unique style and personality. You can choose one of them as your main group and manage their activities, such as training, performing, and interacting with fans. You can also customize their outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup.

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The game also has a rich story mode that follows the original anime plot. You can watch the animated scenes and listen to the voice acting of the idols. You can also make choices that affect the outcome of the story and the relationships between the characters. The game also has a rhythm mode where you can play songs from the anime and other original songs. You can tap along to the beat and earn rewards such as items, costumes, and cards.

The original anime and its connection to the game

The original anime series of Idoly Pride was aired in Japan from January to March 2021. It was produced by CyberAgent and animated by Lerche. The anime tells the story of Kotono Nagase, a former idol who died in an accident before her debut. Her spirit remains in this world and guides Makino Aikawa, a new idol who looks exactly like her. Together, they join Hoshimi Productions, an idol agency that aims to produce top idols.

The anime also introduces other idol groups that compete with Hoshimi Productions, such as Sunny Peace, Moon Tempest, LizNoir, TRINITYAiLE, ReVale, L'Antica, Alstroemeria, Supernova, and Nostaluna. Each group has their own backstory, motivation, and rivalry with other groups. The anime also explores themes such as friendship, love, ambition, and loss.

The game is closely connected to the anime in terms of story and characters. You can relive the events of the anime in the game's story mode or create your own story with different choices. You can also interact with all the idol groups in the game and learn more about them.

How to download and install Idoly Pride English APK?

The official sources for the game

The easiest way to download and play Idoly Pride is to get it from the official sources. The game is available on Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices. You can simply search for "Idoly Pride" on these platforms and install it for free.

However, there is one catch: the game is only officially released in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This means that if you are not in these regions, you might not be able to access the game from the official sources. You might encounter errors such as "This app is not available in your country" or "This app is incompatible with your device".

The alternative sources for the game

If you are facing these problems, don't worry. There is another way to download and play Idoly Pride: by using an APK file. An APK file is an Android application package file that contains all the files and data needed to install and run an app on an Android device. You can download an APK file from a third-party website and install it manually on your device.

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However, not all APK files are safe and reliable. Some of them might contain viruses, malware, or unwanted ads that can harm your device or compromise your privacy. Therefore, you should always be careful when choosing an APK file and only download it from a trusted source. Here are some of the websites that offer Idoly Pride English APK for free:

  • : This is one of the most popular and reputable websites for downloading APK files. It has a large collection of apps and games, including Idoly Pride. It also updates its APK files regularly to ensure that they are compatible with the latest versions of Android and the game.

  • : This is another we