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How To Tether The Htc Droid Eris Using Proxoid For Mac

The Android Market features a few tethering applications, so it should be easy to use your Android phone as a wireless modem. Well, that's how the theory goes, anyway. In practice, however, these applications require root access to your phone's system, so you have to "root" your phone before you can tether it. Rooting an Android phone is not for the faint of heart, though, and there is the ever-present risk of bricking your device. Meet Proxoid, a proxy server application that lets you use your phone as a modem without hacking its system. Making Proxoid work does require a few steps, but the entire process is simple enough even for uninitiated users. Here is how to make Proxoid work with an Ubuntu-based system.

How To Tether The Htc Droid Eris Using Proxoid For Mac

This powerful tool enables you to connect your XBox 360 hard drive to your PC and share or manipulate game files. It is possible to tether an Android device to Xbox Live using Windows 7. When you put your Android phone to work, you can access Xbox LIVE. Find and fix the NAT Type in Call of Duty. There is a new game called Black Ops available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Here are some hacks for using battery-powered Christmas lights to illuminate your laptop. How do you connect your Xbox 360 to a PC for wireless internet? 350c69d7ab

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