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Genarts Sapphire 7 Mac Crack

GenArts Sapphire 7 for Mac: A Review

GenArts Sapphire is a collection of over 270 visual effects plugins that can be used with various video editing and compositing applications. Sapphire offers a wide range of creative possibilities, from realistic lighting and lens flares to stylized transitions and distortions. In this article, we will review the features and performance of Sapphire 7 for Mac, the latest version of the software that was released in 2023.

What's New in Sapphire 7 for Mac?

Sapphire 7 for Mac introduces several new and improved features, such as:


  • A powerful Effect and Transition Builder that allows users to create custom effects and transitions by combining and modifying existing Sapphire plugins. Users can also save and share their presets with other users.

  • Integrated tracking and masking with the Academy Award-winning Mocha, a planar tracking and rotoscoping tool that can track complex shapes and motion. Users can apply Sapphire effects to specific regions of the video using Mocha masks.

  • New and updated effects, such as S_EdgeRays, S_LensFlare, S_WarpChroma, S_WarpRGB, S_DigitalDamage, S_FilmEffect, S_Flicker, S_GlowDarks, S_RackDefocus, S_Spotlight, and more.

  • New and improved presets, such as Builder presets, Lens Flare presets, Transition presets, and more.

  • Improved performance and stability, especially on high-resolution footage and GPU-accelerated effects.

How to Install and Use Sapphire 7 for Mac?

Sapphire 7 for Mac supports various host applications, such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Nuke, Fusion Studio, Scratch, and other OFX-compatible hosts. To install Sapphire 7 for Mac, users need to download the installer from the [Boris FX website] and follow the instructions. Users can also download a free trial version that lasts for 15 days.

To use Sapphire 7 for Mac, users need to launch their host application and apply Sapphire plugins to their video clips or layers. Users can access the plugin parameters from the host's effect controls panel and adjust them according to their preferences. Users can also use the Effect and Transition Builder to create custom effects and transitions by dragging and dropping Sapphire nodes into a node graph. Users can access the Builder by applying the S_Effect or S_Transition plugin to their clips or layers.

How to Access the Sapphire Documentation?

Sapphire documentation is installed on the user's machine with the software and is available in HTML and PDF formats. The location of these files can be found below:


AdobeStart > All Programs > GenArts Sapphire AE > Sapphire AE Online Help (HTML) or AE Online Help (PDF)/Applications/GenArtsSapphireAE > Online Help.html or Online Help.pdf

AvidStart > All Programs > GenArts Sapphire AVX > Sapphire AVX Online Help (HTML) or AVX Online Help (PDF)/Applications/GenArtsSapphireAVX > Online Help.html or Online Help.pdf

OFXStart > All Programs > GenArts Sapphire OFX > Sapphire OFX Online Help (HTML) or OFX Online Help (PDF)/Applications/GenArtsSapphireOFX > Online Help.html or Online Help.pdf

AutodeskN/A/Applications/GenArtsSapphireSparks > Online Help.html or Online Help.pdf

A "Help" button is also available at the bottom of the plugin parameters, which provides information about the plugin, the license status, and links that bring up online documentation in the user's HTML browser. This documentation includes some general information about how to load and use plugins, as well as a page for each effect with an example image, a description of what each parameter does, and links to related effects. Users can access this documentation directly from their workstation even if it is not connected to the internet.


Sapphire 7 for Mac is a powerful and versatile visual effects plugin suite that can enhance the quality and creativity of any video project. Sapphire 7 for Mac offers a rich set of effects and transitions, a user-friendly Effect and Transition Builder, a robust tracking and masking tool, and a fast and stable performance. Sapphire 7 for Mac is compatible with various host applications and platforms, and provides comprehensive documentation and support. Sapphire 7 for Mac is a must-have for any video editor, compositor, or motion graphics artist who wants to create stunning organic looks unmatched by any host native effect tools.


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