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Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry Episode 13 English Sub 720p Or 1080p

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Episode 13 English Sub 720p or 1080p

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, also known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight or A Tale of Worst One, is a Japanese light novel series written by Riku Misora and illustrated by Won. The story follows Ikki Kurogane, a low-ranked Blazer who can materialize weapons from his soul, and Stella Vermillion, a princess and a high-ranked Blazer who becomes his roommate and training partner. Together, they aim to compete in the Seven Star Sword Art Festival, an annual tournament for the best Mage-Knights in Japan.

The anime adaptation of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry was produced by Silver Link and Nexus and aired from October 3 to December 19, 2015. The anime adapts the first three volumes of the light novel series and has a total of 12 episodes. The anime was licensed by Sentai Filmworks for an English release in North America and was streamed on Hulu as it aired in Japan.


The anime received positive reviews from fans and critics, who praised its action scenes, animation quality, character development, and romance. The anime also has a loyal fanbase who are eagerly waiting for a second season or an OVA episode.

Episode 13: The Worst One II

Episode 13 is the final episode of the anime and covers the climax of the third volume of the light novel series. The episode begins with Ikki and Stella facing off against Toka Todo and Shizuku Kurogane, respectively, in the semi-finals of the festival. Both Ikki and Stella manage to overcome their opponents with their determination and skills, advancing to the finals where they will face each other.

However, before the final match can begin, Ikki is arrested by the Ethics Committee for violating the rules of the festival by using his secret technique Ittou Shura, which boosts his physical abilities at the cost of his life force. Ikki is taken to a prison cell where he is tortured by the committee members, who are under the orders of Ikki's father Itsuki Kurogane, the leader of the Mage-Knight Order. Itsuki wants to eliminate Ikki from the festival and prevent him from becoming a Mage-Knight, as he considers him a disgrace to his family and a threat to his plans.

Meanwhile, Stella learns about Ikki's situation from Kurono Shinguji, the director of Hagun Academy and Ikki's aunt. She decides to rescue Ikki with the help of her friends Nagi Arisuin and Ayase Ayatsuji. They infiltrate the prison where Ikki is held and fight their way through the guards. Stella reaches Ikki's cell and frees him from his chains. She then confesses her love to him and kisses him, restoring his life force with her fire magic.

Ikki and Stella then escape from the prison and head to the arena where the final match is about to start. They arrive just in time to stop Itsuki from declaring Toka as the winner by default. Ikki challenges Itsuki to a duel for his right to participate in the final match and become a Mage-Knight. Itsuki accepts, confident that he can crush Ikki with his overwhelming power.

The duel begins with Itsuki unleashing his Device Intetsu, a sword that can cut through anything. Ikki counters with his Device Intetsu Kaishaku, a sword that can cut through illusions. The two clash with their swords, creating shockwaves that shake the arena. Itsuki tries to overpower Ikki with his superior speed and strength, but Ikki dodges and parries his attacks with his keen senses and reflexes. Ikki then activates Ittou Shura again, despite the risk to his life, and unleashes his ultimate technique Ittou Rasetsu, which allows him to move faster than sound. He strikes Itsuki with a powerful slash that breaks his sword and defeats him.

Ikki wins the duel and proves himself worthy of becoming a Mage-Knight. He then faces Stella in the final match of the festival. The two exchange words of love and respect before engaging in a fierce battle that ends with both of them collapsing from exhaustion. The judges declare them both as winners of the festival, making them eligible for representing Japan in the international tournament. The episode ends with Ikki and Stella holding hands and smiling, as they are cheered by the crowd and their friends.

Where to Watch Episode 13 English Sub 720p or 1080p

If you want to watch episode 13 of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry in English sub with high quality, you have several options. You can stream it online on Hulu, which has the exclusive rights to simulcast the anime in North America. You can also buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray discs from Sentai Filmworks, which include the English subtitles and dub. Alternatively, you can download the episode from various anime torrent sites, but be aware of the legal and ethical issues involved.

Whatever option you choose, we hope you enjoy watching episode 13 of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry and appreciate the story and animation of this amazing anime. If you want to know more about the series, you can check out the light novels, manga, and other related media. You can also join the fan community and discuss your thoughts and opinions on the anime and its characters.

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