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Free Crypto Airdrops: How to Claim Your Share of New and Emerging Coins

How to Get Free Crypto in 2023

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you might be wondering how you can get some for free. After all, who doesn't like free money? Well, the good news is that there are many legitimate ways to earn free crypto in 2023. In this article, we will show you eight of them, as well as some tips and tricks to maximize your earnings. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something that suits your needs and preferences.

What is Crypto and Why Do You Want It?

Crypto, short for cryptocurrency, is a digital form of money that is powered by blockchain technology. Blockchain is a system of distributed ledgers that records transactions in a secure, transparent, and decentralized way. Unlike traditional currencies, crypto is not controlled by any central authority, such as a government or a bank. This means that crypto users have more freedom, privacy, and autonomy over their money.

free crypto


There are many benefits of using crypto, such as:

  • Lower fees. Crypto transactions are usually cheaper than traditional ones, especially for cross-border payments.

  • Faster speed. Crypto transactions are usually faster than traditional ones, especially for cross-border payments.

  • Greater access. Crypto can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location or financial status.

  • More innovation. Crypto enables new business models, products, and services that are not possible with traditional currencies.

  • More potential. Crypto has the potential to grow in value over time, as more people adopt it and more use cases emerge.

Of course, there are also some challenges and risks associated with crypto, such as volatility, security, regulation, and education. However, these can be overcome with proper research, due diligence, and risk management.

8 Legitimate Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Now that you know what crypto is and why you want it, let's see how you can get it for free. Here are eight legitimate ways to earn free crypto in 2023:

How to get free crypto from airdrops[^1^]

Best crypto faucets to earn free coins[^3^]

Free crypto trading signals and tips[^2^]

Free crypto courses and tutorials online[^1^]

Free crypto tax software and tools[^2^]

Free crypto wallets and exchanges[^3^]

Free crypto mining software and hardware[^1^]

Free crypto giveaways and contests[^2^]

Free crypto news and analysis[^3^]

Free crypto ebooks and podcasts[^1^]

How to claim free crypto forks[^3^]

Free crypto arbitrage and trading bots[^2^]

Free crypto debit cards and rewards[^1^]

Free crypto VPN and privacy tools[^3^]

Free crypto art and NFTs[^2^]

How to earn free crypto by staking[^1^]

Free crypto games and apps[^3^]

Free crypto donations and crowdfunding[^2^]

Free crypto charts and indicators[^1^]

Free crypto memes and jokes[^3^]

How to earn free crypto by blogging[^2^]

Free crypto predictions and forecasts[^1^]

Free crypto portfolio trackers and calculators[^3^]

Free crypto quizzes and trivia[^2^]

Free crypto stickers and merchandise[^1^]

How to earn free crypto by watching videos[^3^]

Free crypto forums and communities[^2^]

Free crypto infographics and guides[^1^]

Free crypto events and webinars[^3^]

Free crypto referrals and affiliate programs[^2^]

How to earn free crypto by completing tasks[^1^]

Free crypto whitepapers and research papers[^3^]

Free crypto themes and templates[^2^]

Free crypto logos and icons[^1^]

Free crypto airdrop alerts and notifications[^3^]

Use a Crypto Credit Card

A crypto credit card is a card that offers rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. These cards function just like traditional reward credit cards, but you earn crypto instead of cash back or points. For example, the is a prepaid card that you top up with either fiat (USD) or cryptocurrency. You could earn up to 8% in rewards depending on the card tier. All rewards are paid in CRO, the native token of the Chain, and deposited into your Crypto Wallet in the App.

Earn a Return on Crypto You Already Own

If you already own some crypto, you can earn more by lending it out or staking it on a platform that offers interest or rewards. Lending is when you lend your crypto to borrowers who pay you interest in return. Staking is when you lock your crypto in a smart contract that pays you rewards for securing the network. For example, the is a crypto lending and borrowing platform that lets you earn up to 8.6% APY on your crypto deposits. You can choose to receive your interest in the same currency as your deposit, or in another currency of your choice.

Catch Promotions and Bonuses

Another way to earn free crypto is to catch promotions and bonuses offered by various crypto platforms. These are usually one-time or limited-time offers that reward you for signing up, verifying your identity, making a deposit, inviting a friend, or completing a task. For example, the is a popular crypto exchange and wallet that offers a $10 bonus in Bitcoin when you sign up and buy or sell at least $100 worth of crypto. You can also earn more by inviting your friends to join Coinbase.

Learn About Crypto on a Platform

If you want to learn more about crypto while earning some for free, you can use a platform that pays you for watching videos, taking quizzes, or completing courses about different crypto projects. For example, the is a educational initiative that lets you earn up to $50 worth of various cryptocurrencies by learning about them. You can watch short videos and answer simple questions to receive your rewards.

Play Free Games

If you enjoy playing games, you can have fun and earn free crypto at the same time. There are many crypto games that reward you for playing, either by giving you in-game tokens that can be exchanged for crypto, or by directly paying you in crypto. For example, the is a metaverse where you can explore, mine, and battle for resources. You can earn TLM, the native token of the game, which can be traded for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Use a Browser Extension

If you want to earn free crypto while browsing the web, you can use a browser extension that rewards you for viewing ads, completing surveys, or shopping online. These extensions work by sharing a portion of the revenue they generate with you. For example, the is a privacy-focused browser that blocks unwanted ads and trackers. You can opt-in to view relevant ads and earn BAT, the native token of the Brave ecosystem, which can be used to tip content creators or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Take Advantage of Airdrops

An airdrop is when a crypto project distributes free tokens to its existing or potential users as a way of promoting itself or rewarding its community. To participate in an airdrop, you usually need to perform some actions, such as following the project on social media, joining its telegram group, or signing up for its newsletter. For example, the is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap any ERC-20 tokens without intermediaries. In 2020, Uniswap airdropped 400 UNI tokens to each user who had ever used its platform before September 1st. At the time of writing, 400 UNI tokens are worth over $8,000.

Perform Micro Tasks

A micro task is a small and simple task that can be completed online in exchange for a small payment. There are many platforms that offer micro tasks that pay users in crypto for doing things like data entry, image annotation, transcription, translation, or testing. For example, the is a gamified marketplace that connects users with micro tasks from various categories. You can earn STMX, the native token of the platform, which can be used to access more benefits or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Free Crypto Earnings

Now that you know eight ways to earn free crypto in 2023, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of them:

  • Do your research. Before using any platform or method, make sure you understand how it works, what are the requirements, and what are the risks involved. Read reviews from other users and check the reputation of the project or company behind it.

  • Avoid scams. Unfortunately, there are many scams and frauds in the crypto space that try to lure unsuspecting users with promises of free money. Be wary of any offer that sounds too good to be true, asks for personal information or upfront payment, or has no clear terms and conditions. Always do your own research and use common sense.

  • Diversify your methods. Don't rely on just one method or platform to earn free crypto. Try different ones and see what works best for you. You can also combine different methods to increase your earnings. For example, you can use a crypto credit card to buy things online and earn rewards, while using a browser extension to earn more for browsing the web.

  • Manage your crypto wisely. Once you earn some free crypto, you need to decide what to do with it. You can either keep it, spend it, or exchange it for another currency. Whatever you choose, make sure you use a secure and reputable wallet or platform to store and manage your crypto. You should also keep track of your transactions and earnings, and report them for tax purposes if required.


Earning free crypto in 2023 is not only possible, but also easy and fun. You just need to know where to look and how to use the available methods and platforms. Whether you want to get some extra income, learn more


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