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MaxSea Time Zero: il software di navigazione professionale in italiano

MaxSea Time Zero: The Ultimate Marine Navigation Software

If you are looking for a marine navigation software that combines performance, reliability, and ease of use, you might want to check out MaxSea Time Zero. This software is designed to meet the needs of all types of boaters, fishermen, yachtsmen, and workboat crew. It offers a range of features that make navigation safer, faster, and more enjoyable. In this article, we will tell you what MaxSea Time Zero is, how to download it in Italian, and what are some of the alternatives you can consider.

What is MaxSea Time Zero?

MaxSea Time Zero is a marine navigation software that uses an innovative and powerful database management to handle the marks, tracks, and layers. The user does not have to manually handle files anymore, and basic objects manipulations are much easier to perform in MaxSea TZ. The software also uses an advanced chart engine that provides smooth zooming and seamless chart redraw. It supports both raster and vector charts from various providers, such as C-MAP, Navionics, NOAA, and more.

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A brief history of MaxSea Time Zero

MaxSea Time Zero was launched in 2008 by MaxSea International, a company founded in 1985 by Brice Pryszo, a naval architect and offshore racer. The company's mission is to provide innovative solutions for marine navigation and fishing. MaxSea International is part of the Nobeltec group, which also includes MapMedia, a subsidiary specialized in digital cartography and raster data treatment. MaxSea International is also a partner of Furuno, a leading manufacturer of marine electronics.

The main features of MaxSea Time Zero

MaxSea Time Zero includes the most popular navigation features, such as waypoints, routes, weather forecasts, as well as advanced capabilities like AIS target tracking. Here are some of the main features that make MaxSea Time Zero stand out from other marine navigation software:

Chart engine

MaxSea Time Zero uses a cutting-edge chart engine that allows for smooth zooming and seamless chart redraw. You can easily switch between 2D and 3D modes, overlay satellite photos on charts, and customize the display settings. You can also access more than 6,000 nautical charts from around the world through MapMedia, which offers both raster and vector charts from official sources.

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Weather and ocean data

MaxSea Time Zero provides unlimited access to global weather forecasts from various models, such as GFS, ECMWF, WW3, Arpege, Arome, and more. You can also download high-resolution ocean data, such as currents, tides, waves, sea surface temperature, salinity, and chlorophyll. You can view these data on charts or on dedicated workspaces. You can also use the weather routing feature to optimize your route based on wind, waves, currents, and boat polars.

AIS and radar integration

MaxSea Time Zero can connect to AIS and radar devices via NMEA0183, NMEA2000, or Ethernet. You can view AIS targets on charts or on a dedicated radar workspace. You can also overlay radar images on charts for enhanced situational awareness. You can also use the ARPA feature to track up to 10 targets and calculate their course, speed, CPA, TCPA, and more.

Route planning and optimization

MaxSea Time Zero allows you to create and edit routes easily with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can also import and export routes in various formats, such as GPX, KML, KMZ, and more. You can also use the route optimization feature to find the best route based on your boat characteristics, weather conditions, and safety parameters. You can also view the route details, such as distance, duration, fuel consumption, and more.

3D and satellite views

MaxSea Time Zero offers a stunning 3D view that shows the chart relief, the bathymetry, and the coastline in high resolution. You can also overlay satellite photos on charts for a realistic view of the terrain. You can also tilt, rotate, and zoom the 3D view to explore the surroundings. You can also switch to a 3D perspective view that shows the horizon and the sky.

Cloud synchronization

MaxSea Time Zero allows you to synchronize your data across multiple devices via the My TIMEZERO cloud service. You can upload and download your marks, tracks, routes, photos, and more to the cloud and access them from any device. You can also share your data with other users or with social media platforms. You can also backup your data to the cloud for extra security.

Modules and customization

MaxSea Time Zero offers a range of modules that add extra functionality to the software. You can choose from modules such as PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator), Sounder, SportFishing, WorkBoat, and more. Each module has specific features that cater to different types of users and activities. You can also customize the software by choosing from various skins, languages, units, and preferences.

How to download MaxSea Time Zero in Italian?

If you are interested in downloading MaxSea Time Zero in Italian, you will need to follow these steps:

System requirements

Before you download MaxSea Time Zero, you will need to make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements. Here are the specifications you will need:

Operating system

Windows 10 (64 bits)


Intel Core i3 or higher


4 GB or higher

Hard disk space

40 GB or higher

Graphics card

Dedicated with 2 GB VRAM or higher

Screen resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Internet connection

Required for installation, updates, and data downloads

NMEA interface

Serial port or USB serial adapter (optional)

Furuno Ethernet interface

Furuno Ethernet cable (optional)

Furuno NMEA2000 interface

Furuno IF-NMEA2K2 converter (optional)

DVD drive

Required for installation from DVD (optional)

Pricing and subscription options

To download MaxSea Time Zero, you will need to purchase a license from the official website or from an authorized dealer. The price of the license depends on the version of the software and the modules you want to include. Here are the pricing options for MaxSea Time Zero:



Price (EUR)

Price (USD)

Included modules

Optional modules

TZ Navigator v4 Standard Pack + World Folio Charts + 1 year TIMEZERO Cloud subscription + 1 year free updates + 1 year warranty + free technical support The basic version of MaxSea Time Zero for recreational boaters who want a simple and reliable navigation software.499 $569 N/A PBG Sounder SportFishing WorkBoat TZ Professional v4 Standard Pack + World Folio Charts + 1 year TIMEZERO Cloud subscription + 1 year free updates + 1 year warranty + free technical support The advanced version of MaxSea Time Zero for professional users who want a comprehensive and powerful navigation software.999 $1139 PBG Sounder TIMEZERO Navigator

TIMEZERO Navigator is a simplified version of MaxSea Time Zero, designed for recreational boaters who want a user-friendly and affordable navigation software. It offers the sam


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