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Real Football 2015: A Java Game that Will Keep You Hooked for Hours

Download Java Real Football 2015: A Guide for Mobile Gamers

If you are a fan of football (or soccer, as some call it), you might be looking for a way to enjoy the thrill of the game on your mobile device. One of the best options for you is Java Real Football 2015, a game that lets you experience the most immersive, social, and realistic football series on your phone. In this article, we will tell you what Java Real Football 2015 is, how to download it, and why you should play it. We will also give you some tips and tricks to help you win the International Cup and become a football legend.

What is Java Real Football 2015?

Java Real Football 2015 is a mobile game developed by Gameloft, one of the leading publishers of mobile games. It is part of the Real Football series, which has been running since 2004. Java Real Football 2015 is compatible with Java-enabled phones, which are mostly feature phones or older smartphones. It is not available for Android or iOS devices.

download java real football 2015

Features of Java Real Football 2015

Java Real Football 2015 has many features that make it stand out from other mobile football games. Some of them are:

  • Lifelike graphics and 3D animations powered by a new game engine

  • Over 240 teams and hundreds of real players with their names and stats

  • A variety of modes, including International Cup, League, and Friendly matches

  • A social aspect that allows you to chat with other players, share your achievements, and challenge your friends

  • A customization option that lets you create your own team, players, and kits

  • A realistic gameplay that simulates the physics, tactics, and emotions of real football

How to download Java Real Football 2015

To download Java Real Football 2015, you need to have a Java-enabled phone that meets the minimum requirements. You also need to have enough storage space and data connection. Here are the steps to download Java Real Football 2015:

  • Go to [](^1^), a website that offers free downloads of Java games.

  • Search for "Real Football 2015" in the search box.

  • Select the version that matches your phone's screen size and resolution. For example, if your phone has a 240x320 screen, select "Download Real Football 2015 240x320".

  • Click on the download link and wait for the file to be downloaded.

  • Transfer the file to your phone using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

  • Locate the file on your phone and install it.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

Why play Java Real Football 2015?

Java Real Football 2015 is not just another football game. It is a game that offers you many benefits, such as:

Benefits of playing Java Real Football 2015

  • You can have fun and relax while playing a game that you love.

  • You can improve your skills and knowledge of football by learning from real players and teams.

  • You can express your creativity and personality by customizing your own team and players.

  • You can socialize and interact with other football fans from around the world.

  • You can challenge yourself and compete with others to win trophies and glory.

Tips and tricks for playing Java Real Football 2015

To make the most out of Java Real Football 2015, you need to know some tips and tricks that will help you play better and win more. Here are some of them:



Use the tutorial mode

The game has a tutorial mode that teaches you the basics of the controls, the gameplay, and the strategies. You can access it from the main menu. It is recommended that you complete the tutorial mode before playing the other modes.

Adjust the difficulty level

The game has four difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, and expert. You can change the difficulty level from the settings menu. The higher the difficulty level, the more challenging and realistic the game becomes. You can start with the easy level and gradually increase it as you improve your skills.

Use the auto-pass and auto-shoot features

The game has two features that make it easier to play: auto-pass and auto-shoot. When you enable these features, the game will automatically pass or shoot the ball for you when you are in a good position. You can enable or disable these features from the settings menu.

Use the sprint button

The game has a sprint button that allows you to run faster with the ball or without it. You can use it to outrun your opponents, create space, or chase the ball. However, you have to be careful not to overuse it, as it will drain your stamina and make you tired.

Use the skill moves

The game has a skill moves button that allows you to perform various tricks and feints with the ball. You can use it to confuse your opponents, create chances, or score goals. However, you have to be careful not to abuse it, as it will make you lose possession if you fail.


Java Real Football 2015 is a great game for mobile gamers who love football. It has amazing graphics, realistic gameplay, and social features that make it fun and engaging. It is also easy to download and play on Java-enabled phones. If you want to experience the most immersive, social, and realistic football series on your phone, you should download Java Real Football 2015 today!

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